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AAA COASTAL REMOVALS offer an interstate backload service.  Which means we can move large homes or just a lounge suite interstate from QLD to NSW or from NSW to QLD.  As we fill the truck both ways we are able to offer a competitive quote for all loads on our interstate moves. Please see below for common routes & approximate interstate transit time frames.

Common Interstate Routes

  • Sunshine Coast – Sydney
  • Sunshine Coast – Newcastle
  • Sydney – Mackay
  • Sydney – Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney – Brisbane
  • Sydney – Hervey Bay
  • Brisbane – Sydney
  • North Coast NSW – Sunshine Coast
  • North Coast NSW – Mackay
  • North Coast NSW – Brisbane
  • Mackay – Sydney

These are only general areas that we move homes from and to – there are too many to list – so if you are outside these suburbs/areas don’t hesitate to call or email us – chances are we CAN MOVE YOU TOO!

We offer a door to door service this means that your goods are delivered in the same truck that picks up.  Your furniture is NOT double handled, NOT put on to forklifts NOT reloaded from the depot or any other unnecessary handling that makes transit times too long and causes unnecessary wear and tear on furniture.  Sometimes small loads from Sydney to Mackay need to be held at the Sunshine Coast depot to await a mainload to backload on up to Mackay – but this is rare and upon booking the customer would be aware of this.

Interstate Travel Times (approx)


From To Time
Sunshine Coast Mackay 1 – 2 days
Sunshine Coast Sydney 2 – 3 days
Sunshine Coast Brisbane 1 day
Sunshine Coast Newcastle 2 – 3 days
Sunshine Coast Hervey Bay 1 day
Sunshine Coast Rockhampton 2 days
Sydney Mackay 3 -5 days
Sydney Sunshine Coast 2 – 3 days
Sydney Brisbane 2 days
Sydney Hervey Bay 3 – 4 days
Brisbane Sydney 1 – 2 days
Brisbane Sunshine Coast 1 day
Brisbane Mackay 2 days
North Coast NSW Sunshine Coast 1 – 2 days
Mackay Sydney 3 – 5 days
Mackay Sunshine Coast 2 days
Mackay Brisbane 2 days

Note: An exclusive truck may be requested for a particular removal where the time frame from pick-up to delivery is greatly reduced. This rate will be more expensive but you will have more definite times of pick up and arrival times. The above times are based on back load rates which means your goods may be in transit with other removals in the same direction, for this reason our back loads rates are very competitive If these transit times suit your move then please find the time (5-8mins) to complete our comprehensive free quote form

email your details to: depot@aaacoastalremovals.com.au
or Phone Darrell on:  m: 0407968910