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Experience in Removals

AAA COASTAL REMOVALS are a genuine family company, therefore we have a high staff retention rate. In other words, to clarify, we have a more solidly experienced removals team working in the office and on site. We have worked tirelessly to make our customers’ experience stress free moves for the last 30 years.

Knowledge & Care

This removals business was established after a French Polisher became tired of seeing the damage that furniture removal companies do to people’s precious furniture, due to neglectful handling. The French Polisher’s knowledge of antiques and wooden furniture and the weights they can and can’t bear during moving was the foundation that formed a highly knowledgeable removal team with an edge over the rest. So we actually DO Genuinely Care About Your Furniture… it’s not just an unfulfilled gimmick!

Family business

Because AAA COASTAL REMOVALS is a family company, it is made up of staff who have a strong; association, pride, accountability and interest in the companies’ reputation and quality of service. Therefore, as a family business, your satisfaction is our livelihood.

Can We Move You?

We do backloads and full house loads; UP, DOWN, IN, OUT & BETWEEN Mackay, Sunshine Coast & Sydney. Visit our CAN WE MOVE YOU? page.

You’re a person not a number.

AAA COASTAL REMOVALS are not a large national or international corporation. This way we have a higher staff retention rate, meaning more experienced and quality staff who know what they are talking about and they know you by name not as a number!

Most importantly, Darrell and Marie will take care of your first call or email and because of this you are not having to explain your needs to 10…20…30 different staff members throughout your move.

In conclusion, because AAA COASTAL REMOVALS are a Local Small Business our profits stay in the communities you are moving from or to.

Why Move with Us?

Check out our page that explains more about our removals service and process and answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) >>