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  1. How many removalists are assigned to my move?
  2. What transit type do you use?
  3. How do you pack my furniture?
  4. How long does it take to move my furniture interstate or intrastate?
  5. How long will it take to load my furniture?
  6. What is the quote subject to?
  7. Why are your arrival times approximate?
  8. What insurance do you have for breakage?
  9. Do you move pianos?
  10. Can I get a set price?
  11. What does DOOR TO DOOR mean?


1. How many removalists are assigned to my move?

Interstate and Intrastate moves; we use at least TWO of AAA COASTAL REMOVALS ‘own’ staff members who are trained, trusted, professional and friendly removalists who will be with you from pick up to delivery. Local Sunshine Coast moves; you can choose from using 2 – 4 removalists,

We don’t use subcontractors or rely on other companies to supply staff when we get into a town outside our depot.

Some removalists use this method, but we find it totally unreliable and we will not let unknown removalists assist on our moves nor trust them with our customer’s goods.

2. What transit type do you use?

Our method of transporting your precious furniture from one place to another is through what is called a Door to Door service meaning your furniture is picked up in the same specially equipped removals truck that delivers!

This means no trains, no agents, no semi-trailers, no subcontractors, no containers, no trans shipping & certainly not stored loose. These are important questions to ask in quotations. Transit Type Glossary: (although in the industry we are aware of these terms – most companies are not forthcoming about the way in which they will be transporting your furniture interstate – sometimes customers are aware that it may be a container freight but may not be aware the pitfalls of this method)

Containers = usually insufficient packing materials; tie-rails, tie-ropes, removals pads and blankets are not on board the container – so it isn’t secured properly and causes more wear and tear which usually isn’t covered even if you take out insurance.

Subcontractors = means you have no idea who is doing your job, these are nameless companies who have limited accountability for the work they do.

Semi-Trailers = are extremely limited by their size and are unable to access a lot of homes.

Trans shipping = means the goods are handled twice sometimes four times to make it to your door, they pick up from your door in one truck > deliver to their depot > then it gets transported in another truck > off loaded at the interstate depot > then reloaded to take it from delivery depot to delivery door.

Hire Trucks = obviously we are bias here as we would love to have the pleasure of your business.

However, there are some pitfalls with this transit type that you need to consider. You need to be 25+, some require MR or HR truck licenses and you may need that size truck to fit all your belongings, you will be charged the daily rental rate, plus by the kilometre once you reach around 100 kilometres with most car/truck rental companies than you have to factor in the 4-8 hours solid loading times where you will need at least 2 strong and fit people to load furniture into a truck that has no tie rails, no removalists pads or blankets and no tie ropes to secure your furniture. So a lot of the time it sounds cheaper to begin with but it can add up to the same price and you’ve had to do all the work yourself.

3. How do you pack my furniture?

It doesn’t matter if your goods are going across the street or to another state – the same level care and attention is taken when packing your furniture.

We use heavy duty anti-dust removals blankets, thick pads along with tie-rails and tie-ropes to secure your furniture and prevent as much wear and tear as possible.

4. How long does it take to move my home interstate or intrastate?

Please see our interstate or intrastate page.

5. How Long does it take to load my furniture?

These times are only a guide and can vary by the hours if factors such as extra items than averages or access factors such as stairs, steep driveways, more than 10 meters truck to house door distance etc

2 Bedroom Residence
Local move takes approximately 4  Hours based on flat + level + close access + distance to new dwelling.

3 Bedroom Residence
Time for local move approximately 4 to 6.5 Hours based on flat + level + close access + + distance to new dwelling.

4 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom Residence + Study & Garage
Time for local move approximately 6 to 8 Hours based on flat + level + close access + + distance to new dwelling.

5 Bedroom or 4 Bedroom House + Study & Garage
Time for local move approximately 7 to 14 Hours based on flat + level + close access + + distance to new dwelling.

Some properties (mostly rural) have sheds with a lot of equipment and this should be factored and communicated when requesting a quote.

6. What is the quote subject to?

The quote is subject to ACCESS FACTORS & INVENTORY.

ACCESS = You must be totally honest and upfront when submitting a quote.  If details such as access factors are not listed for quoting then this will cause the time allocated and quote for your move will increase.

If you have booked with us and have not submitted clear access please email or call us to notify us of these factors so that we can re-quote your removal job.

It’s always better for us to know before hand so we are better prepared and allocate enough loading times for the trip planner etc…

Access for a truck loaded with your belongings is very different to a small car and a couple of bags of shopping. 

INVENTORY = You must be  ACCURATE  when submitting an ‘Online Quote Form'(please link this) or a quote through us. Your quote is calculated on your items and the volume it takes up on the truck.  If you have more furniture/items then you will be charged at a rate per cubic metre over the quoted items/inventory.

7. Why are your arrival times approximate when moving interstate or intrastate?

There are many logistics that are involved with planning multiple Pick Ups and Deliveries and long travel distances in the one day.  The estimates we create are based on sound information given to us by each client loaded/unloaded before you, kilometre/time ratios and traffic reports.  It is almost impossible to guarantee an exact time of arrival as unforseen circumstances such as traffic delays, access factors and inventory excesses all affect the loading times – this also works the other way and we can sometimes over estimate times and be running ahead of schedule.  This is why we offer the contact number for your Head Removalist on your ‘Booked Job Form’. So we do ask you for some flexibility as and patience regarding the approximate ETA.  We will endeavour to call you as soon as we know we will be delayed – however if the Head Removalist is running behind schedule – stopping and calling customers can delay the schedule even more.  So if you need a more accurate ETA it is advisable to call the Head Removalist during the day to get an updated ETA.  So please organise your day so that you have backup plans ready for school pick ups, services and other inconveniences in case we are running behind or ahead of schedule.

8. What insurance do you have for breakage?

Yes AAA Coastal Removals is insured for your property and belongings.

9. Do you move pianos?

Pianos/billiard tables require 4 men to do the job properly – so if you have piano your move is “price on application”. As we have to take into consideration your residence access particularly if stairs are involved. Otherwise you can arrange for your piano to get moved by specialist Piano/Billiard table only removals and we can do the rest of the job at our economical hourly rate.

10. Can I get a set price?

We do calculate set prices for local moves but these are only available by submitting comprehensive & accurate furniture & box inventory list and details of access factors.

What does DOOR TO DOOR mean?

Door to door means we do not charge the travel to or from our depot to you!  This is usually quoted as DEPOT TO DEPOT.