Furniture removal insurance is something that we do recommend that you consider on all for all moves, due to the logistics of moving furniture and belongings over short or long distances.

New Transit and Storage Insurance Regulations – as of the 11th March 2004, significant change and reform has been introduced to the way Furniture Removaers can arrange transit and storage insurance for their customers.  These changes are due to the implementation of the Financial Services Reform Act and as such are now law.

As of the 11th March 2004 it is illegal for any removalist to offer to arrange insurance, sell insurance or in any way provide insurance without holding an Insurance Licence or being an Authorized Representative of a licensed Insurer.

This Act has been invoked for the protection of consumers.

For removalists offering insurance they must provide a Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services guide prior to arranging ANY insurance you may require for your relocation and MUST issue an Insurance Certificate before commencement of relocation, along with their Companies Authorised Representative Number, before entering into any contract.

It is a common misconception that removalists insure your possessions with every move. By law, removalists are unable to insure your individual items unless they hold an Insurance Licence or they are a Authorized Representative of a licensed Insurer.

Some insurance companies cover your possessions for relocation if you have Home Contents Insurance. AAA COASTAL REMOVALS are unable to accept any responsibility for damage to your property, though we assure you that we take the utmost care with every move.

We cannot (by law) sell a comprehensive insurance policy, as we do not have a license or staff to do so.
Don’t Removal Companies have their own insurance?

Under Australian law, Removal Companies do not have to carry insurance.  All our quotes however include the mandatory basic major risk transit insurance; truck fire or roll-over.
Do I need insurance?

The short answer is, Yes you do. It is inevitable that there may be damage to your goods in spite of the best intentions of the best removalist. It should be remembered that furniture was never supposed to be moved and was not built to withstand being jolted in a truck, even with the best packing.

Insurance Options
(customer’s responsibility to organise)

There are several options you may wish to consider and it is the customer’s responsibility to organise, we have listed some alternatives below;

CARTS Removals Insurance – where you can obtain an instant quote online.

Home & Contents Insurance – you may be able to simply add insurance for the removal onto your current policy for household contents.

Taking an hour to do this will save you money and worry.

When comparing quotations, ensure you are comparing the same type of insurance. Check for exclusions and excess payments which are required to be paid in the event of a claim.

You may also need to arrange storage cover, most insurance companies will need to know a time that your goods will be in store, approximately and where they are being stored.

Some of your items may need to be specifically declared.

If possible, try to avoid putting very valuable small items such as jewellery or important documents in the removal van. It may be prudent to carry those with you.